Delving into the alternatives of Craigslist

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is an American website dedicated to the classified advertisements related to the job search, sales, house buying and sale, services, discussion forums and many more. What started as a small email distribution service in 1995 has become one of the tops most used websites in more than 70 cities of USA and has further spread its roots into 70 other countries and 700 cities outside of USA. With the handling of loads and loads of classified advertisements on a daily basis, the popularity of Craigslist has reached newer and newer levels. However, in recent times people do look for cheaper alternatives to post for their classified advertisements other than Craigslist. The article details some of the Craigslist alternative and how those can be used.

The top alternatives

Bored of using Craigslist or looking for some change in the alternative? Do not worry because there are some cheaper alternatives to the same that can provide you with the same facilities at your satisfactory limits. The following lists out those alternatives: –

  • Facebook- Gone are the days when Facebook was popular only for updating statuses or uploading pictures and videos or chatting. Now it has set new standards with the inception of its various buy and sales groups. With nearly everyone having an FB account, the process of buying and selling becomes quite easier and ones facing hardships on Craigslist can consider this option. Just type the name of your city and you can find numerous of sales group pertaining to your city only. You can even search for some keywords and get the searches in a chronological order. Selling via these forums is quite free.
  • Letgo- It is another popular alternative to Craigslist. It is better than Facebook in a better categorization of the product listings. All one needs to do is search via the keywords and then get the related categories in their search list. The website is more user-friendly with an update of recent photos and videos of the sale items. Hence it provides a detailed information of the sellers and is a safer platform to deal in.
  • Recycler- This alternative has about 18 million users and has a smooth interface that allows free dealings of the buying and sales of the different commodities. It has the specific facility to have paid ads for a targeted group of customers.
  • Offerup- It is a relatively less popular app but has some added features in terms of ratings of the sellers to make the process of sale a bit safer and authentic. One can make negotiations over here easily.
  • Oodle- It is different from other alternatives in terms of combining the other Craigslist alternatives along with the sale of the primary commodity on its website. It allows advertising via Facebook and hence is more dynamic in its operation. 
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