How Does Elo Boost Work

Elo boost is a process in which a high ranked league of legends gamer logs in a new gamer’s profile to play lower levels of games to get him to reach the high rank at a fast rate. Elo as a term was first used in chess as a ranking system then later on when a high ranked player plays with a low ranked player’s account then it is called elo boosting. It is done in a video game whose name is a league of legends which is a multiplayer online battle arena video game by Riot Games. When A person will play this game he will get to know these below mentioned things.

Different Types Queues In League Of Legends

League Of legends has 4 different types of queues of the game in it which are Solo, Duo, 5vs5 and Flex. In Solo, every player plays alone and there is not a team with him, in duo, there is a team of 2 people, in 5vs5 there are squads of 5 people playing the game and Flex is a queue different from the rest in which a game is played with a trusted player.

Multiple Ranks In League Of Legends

There are 9 different types of rankings of players from top to bottom which includes Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master Tier, Grand Master, and Challenger. As a person will start a game he will be given the rank of Iron which is the least rank. Every rank has 4 roman number divisions like Iron I, Iron II, Iron III, and Iron IV. So a new player will be given Iron IV rank in the start. As he will keep playing and winning his rank will increase. He might find feeders in the solo queue which can be which can be irritating but he can order Elo boost and watch the gameplay of high ranked players and learn how to play it. Continue reading

Get into the world of fantasy through playing Runescape game

Since now you have been playing many adventurous and multiplayer game among that one of the top game is Runescape which brings the complete gaming adventure and take you to the world of fantasy. This is an exclusive massive multiplayer online game and it is designed with the setup of medieval period. It is being downloaded and played by over millions of players around the world and it is available to play in mobile phones and in computers as well. The game contains amazing visual graphics and sound effects which delivers the experience of gaming at real arena.

  • Active internet connection is highly required to play this game as it can play in online.
  • To start exploring the fantasy game world of Runescape you need to create a game account with it.
  • As it is an online multiplayer game registration highly required to find the players.’
  • Even the members who are not registered in the game were able to play by choosing the free players option and get access to play some part of the game.
  • The free game play of Runescape will remains as a trials before getting started with real gaming.

How to boost up the performance in the game?

Before begin to play the game go through the tutorials of the game thoroughly which will be useful to learn the key concepts also it helps to build your gaming strategy. Actually the game consists of three different types of skill sets are quest, combat and non-combat so know about the skills well which may used to play the levels in a better way. If you want to start gaming then you have to choose your game avatar at that think well and have a wise choice in choosing the game avatar because the characteristics of the avatar were differ from each other. Then to take up lead in the game you have to win over the levels to get the gold which will be collected after winning a level. Collecting more gold and keeping the cash stack is important because they are the game money which is used to purchase the power booster of the game. As by using the power boosters only you can able to win over the hard levels and can take up the lead. Else you can shop the Runescape gp to increase the gold which will be used for shopping the game boosters and accessories.